Paradox of the week – Jim Whitehurst

According to Jim Whitehurst, business has changed. As he writes on the very first page of his 2015 management advice book, The Open Organization: “The classic rules of the game—which used to define who won or lost in business—are being swept away”... read more

Ignore that résumé?

For those of you familiar with my “Unconventional (mis)management non-wisdom” series of posts, you know that I devote each installment to some tried-and-true management principle, or pearl of management “wisdom.” Take the importance pre-screening applicants based on their résumé, for example – which is the subject of this week’s post... read more

Executive Pay

Recently, The New York Times published a list of the 200 best paid CEOs in the U.S. So for this week’s post, a few highlights from their rankings… read more

About the Blogger

David J. Rys is a former pharmaceutical scientist who first became interested in managing, and its malpractice, almost a decade ago, while sitting in a meeting. After an hour of listening to upper management tell him and his co-workers how to do their jobs better, he found himself wondering: why am I listening to you, when you should be listening to me? This blog reflects his efforts to answer this nagging question, as well as explain what “good management” really is, and why good managers are so few and far between ... read more
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