Like many others, with the passing of the 100-day mark, I feel it is appropriate to take a moment to assess President Trump’s performance, and that of his new administration.

As many of you will know, however, I don’t typically weigh in on political topics (with certain exceptions). I blog about management issues, and workplace practices.

You see, governmental organizations and for-profit businesses are very different beasts in my opinion. For instance, both types of organizations approach “growth” from an entirely different perspective. Think about it: The growth of a business is generally seen as good thing. But growth in government is widely viewed as bad – or at least something to be avoided.

(Which makes me wonder: Why would anyone ever want a businessperson to be the head of government?)

What I do feel qualified to assess, however, is Trump’s abilities (or lack thereof) as a manager. Given his (apparent) business success, and my own interest in good management practices, indeed I feel all but obligated to evaluate his performance during his short time occupying our nation’s highest office from a management perspective.

And, well…so far, it’s not good.

If his current behavior is any indication of how he managed (or manages) his many businesses, my own conclusion is that he’d be a very bad manager to work for. In fact, in many instances I would characterize his actions as precisely the opposite of what they should be.

Unfortunately, however, there’s just too much to say about what he seems to be doing wrong, and why – far too much to cover in just one post.

So in the interest of brevity, I’d like to offer for your consideration my “26 (and counting) Bad Manager Habits” inspired by the first 100 or so days of the Trump administration. (If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you will undoubtedly have seen them popping up in your feed from time to time – but you probably weren’t aware of their inspiration.)

Let me know what you think – whether you voted for Trump or not, and whether you agree with me or not. You can do this either in the comments section below, or by emailing me at .

Or, simply try to guess which action on the part of Trump or his staff inspired a particular “bad habit” from the list.

But before I get to that list, I’d like to offer the following disclaimer in hopes of avoiding any angry comments or emails:

  • I’m not saying Trump is a bad manager necessarily; it’s possible that he doesn’t manage his businesses the same way he seems to be running the country
  • I’m not saying that Trump does all of these things, or behaves this way all of the time
  • I’m not even saying that it’s not okay to engage in some of these behaviors on occasion (It is, however, probably a bad idea to make them habits)

All I’m really trying to say is this: I wouldn’t want to work for him.

Would you..?


26 Habits of Bad Managers

#1 Lack of credibility.

#2 Doubling-down on a poor decision.

#3 Thinking/pretending you know more than you actually do.

#4 Not taking your position seriously.

#5 Blaming others for your mistakes.

#6 Talking too much.

#7 Thinking that everyone is against you.

#8 Taking yourself too seriously.

#9 Not listening.

#10 Not following through on what you say.

#11 Poor organizational skills.

#12 Poor work ethic.

#13 Making threats. Idle, veiled, or otherwise.

#14 Blaming your predecessor for your problems.

#15 Lack of transparency.

#16 Spending a lot of time out of the office.

#17 Feeling threatened by your own employees.

#18 Creating a crisis to distract from other issues.

#19 Refusing to apologize when you’re wrong.

#20 Repeated shake-ups of your closest advisors.

#21 Nepotism.

#22 Making promises you can’t (or don’t) keep.

#23 Ignoring the facts.

#24 Shouting down those you disagree with.

#25 Boasting about “your” accomplishments.

#26 Gloating.


Again, let me know what you think. Otherwise…

See you next Friday.