About the blog

This blog is about mismanagement.

That means if you’re a manager, this blog is about what you’re probably doing wrong, and why.

I know, I know. You’re one of the good ones – or at least that’s what your employees tell you, right? But good relative to what? And are your subordinates really in a position to be honest with you? (Or as honest as I’m prepared to be..?)

Don’t worry, though. It’s not your fault. Your boss and/or “upper management” at your company probably don’t know what the **** they’re doing either. And trust me, that fact is way more important than you might be willing to admit. Why? Because we all know what can happen to employees who outshine their own bosses…

The news isn’t all bad, though. It’s not my intent to put you off. This blog will not only explain why some bosses suck and others don’t, it’ll help you become a better manager yourself. (Or at the very least, it’ll help you avoid making the same mistakes that so many other managers before you have made.)

But it may require you to unlearn the one thing about managing you do think you know.


About the blogger

Dave_TwoBorn and raised in the Midwest, I spent much of my childhood going to school and obeying my parents (as best I could) in St. Paul, MN – and just stone’s throw from the main corporate campus of my father’s employer for 30+ years.

After graduating from high school, I attended the nearby University of Minnesota, where I majored in chemistry and chemical engineering. I went on to earn a Master’s Degree in synthetic organic chemistry from Colorado State University, and then a Ph.D. (D.I.C.) in the same subject from Imperial College, University of London. I later conducted post-doctoral research as part of the chemistry department at Duke University.

Since leaving the protective confines of academia, I’ve spent much of my professional life working as a medicinal chemist in the greater Philadelphia area. However, over the course of my career I’ve also been employed as a: (in no particular order) technical consultant, patent writer/editor, analytical chemist, process chemist, teaching assistant, sales associate, political campaigner, librarian’s aid, tutor, waiter, bartender, handyman, gas station attendant, golf caddy, Christmas-ornament-store security guard…and yes, as a manager.

In addition to blogging, I am currently writing a book on how not to manage.

I live in, write, and blog from Philadelphia, PA.


…and a note on the blog’s format

Although each post is intended to stand on its own, many of the entries in this blog are being written as a thread (if frayed at times). These entries will be labeled “Timeless Tirades,” and will perhaps prove most informative/insightful/objectionable/cathartic if consumed as such – that is, if read in order, from earliest to most recent, start to finish. (If you’re new to the blog, start with “Why your boss probably sucks“) Individual entries will typically be 1500-2500 words in length (approximately 5 minutes reading time, give or take), and posted for your consideration most every Friday – still the average American manager’s least productive workday, statistically speaking.[1]

[1] From Getflow.com (https://www.getflow.com/blog/2014/07/fridays-least-productive-day-of-week/). Retrieved June 24, 2015.

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